Identity Developmant
and Brand Management
Brand, Print & Web Design

Brand development is more than the design of a logo. It encompasses everything your business says and shows about itself – its promise, actions, customer service, product, graphic visuals – but ultimately it boils down to your reputation: what the public believes about your business.If a brand exists in the consumer's mind, then it's important to reinforce the brand position through all of the consumer touch points, which are the responsibility of the client and the designer.

Visual Design Touch Points

  • Logo
  • Identity System
  • Printed matter
  • Website
  • Signage

Company Culture Touch Points

  • Expectations
  • Reputation
  • Employees
  • Actions
  • Product
  • Customer Service

As a brand manager, I partner with my clients on the design of every visual touch point from a poster to a Facebook page. This is why a clear strategy is very important. Designing, servicing and maintaining a good brand presence takes time and talent. It needs time to evolve, measure and adapt to change in order to stand out.

Company's that are successful at reinforcing a positive perception with all touch points of their brand are able to create loyal customers who become advocates for the brand, because they identify with the same core values as the company's brand.

Although I may not be as involved with decisions of a company's cultural touch points, my primary responsibility is visual communication. In order to understand the message, I need to get a sense of the big picture first. Sometimes, the core message has not been established and I work with clients to establish that core message. I research the competition to find what's unique and compelling about my client to establish their unique brand message.

A clear strategy and unique brand style guide helps reinforce consistency and continuity of the brand, which builds recognition and loyalty of a brand.

Increased value and perception are what makes brand management critical to any company’s success.

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